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Unlock Efficiency.
Embrace Innovation.
Elevate Your Warehouse with North Robotics.

Why choose North Robotics for your Warehouse Automation solution?

We provide solutions using warehouse automation robots for various industries including logistics, retail, eCommerce, automotive, & food & beverage.

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, taking the time to fully understanding your needs before suggesting solutions.

We provide services throughout the UK and Ireland, with installation teams based all over the country.

We supply industry-leading hardware for our solutions and provide comprehensive support and spares packages for long-term customer satisfaction.

We employ a highly experienced team that specialises in a wide range of applications including robotics, special purpose machines, PLC software, and high-level software.

We offer a no-obligation consultation for customers to discuss their Warehouse Automation Robot requirements.

Our robotics solutions

LMR Solutions

Characterized by their advanced lifting mechanisms, these robots are designed to optimize motion performance while enhancing safety, creating an environment that promotes both productivity and protection.

CTU Solutions

With the capacity to transfer multiple goods simultaneously, our CTU solutions redefine the parameters of efficiency and storage capacity. This isn’t just a technical upgrade, but a strategic leap towards superior productivity.

FMR Solutions

Unleash the potential of your business with North Robotics’ state-of-the-art Forklift Mobile Robots (FMR) Solutions.


Dexory streamlines resource utilization, automates repetitive tasks, and shifts your team’s focus to key operations, catalyzing a transformative shift towards efficiency and productivity.

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Proudly members of the North East England Chamber of Commerce & North East Automotive Alliance

ABOUT NORTH Automation Group Ltd

Warehouse Automation Robots by North Automation Group

We provide Warehouse Automation Robot solutions, to a variety of industries such as, logistics, retail, ecommerce, automotive, food & beverage, whisky distillery, and general manufacturing companies. Our strengths lie in our ability to develop solutions for our customers, as we take the time to understand our customers operations and needs, before suggesting the solutions to address their problems.
Our head office is based in the North East of England, but we service the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our installation teams are based right across the UK, so we can support our customers wherever they are located.

Our extensive product and solution range

The quality of the hardware we use is industry leading, meaning not only do our customers have robust solutions for their operations today, but with our comprehensive support and spares packages, you can be assured that North Automation Group Ltd will be able to support your business for years to come. We provide conveyor and robotics based warehouse automation solutions, our solutions are aimed at all aspects of warehouse operations, from inbound product, to outbound deliveries.

Our highly experienced team

​Our projects and installation teams are highly experienced in all areas of materials handling and automated systems, meaning that our customers not only receive a great service, but they also have access to all of the expertise gained by our teams during many years of working in the automation and materials handling industry.

Our expertise

Our expertise covers a wide range of applications for Warehouse Automation Robots, in areas such as robotics, special purpose or bespoke machines, PLC software, and high-level software, in addition to our comprehensive conveyer systems experience. This knowledge is available to our customers during the sales process and also during project implementation & after sales support. You know your business, and we know ours.
Whatever your requirements are, please get in touch with us for a no obligation consultation.

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