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Forklift Mobile Robots

Discover the Future of Warehouse Efficiency with North Robotics’ FMR Solutions

Unleash the potential of your business with North Automation Group Ltd.’s state-of-the-art automated warehouse forklift robots (FMR) Solutions. Our selection of the Hikrobot CMR/HMR series, built with advanced lifting components, is explicitly designed to streamline your operations. Imagine a warehouse where automatic docking takes place seamlessly, optimising operations across various scenarios. Our technology is not just about automating processes; it’s about breathing new life into your business strategy, elevating your warehouse’s efficiency, and securing your place in a competitive, fast-paced market.

With our automated warehouse forklift robots FMR solutions, you will witness an extraordinary transformation in your daily operations, as these high-powered robots effortlessly handle the tasks traditionally performed by humans. They are programmed to adapt, learn, and evolve, matching pace with the rapid development of your business.

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FMR Industry Usage


North Robotics is proud to offer Hikrobot’s mobile robot solutions that are designed to profoundly elevate the automobile industry. These reliable, safety-centric solutions drive logistic efficiency while significantly curbing labor costs. Applicable to pressing, welding, and assembling processes within main engine plants, they are not merely about mechanization; they create an operational ecosystem where production data flows freely, paving the way for agile manufacturing and lean management. Experience a transformative leap in productivity and cost-effectiveness. At North Robotics, we’re not just offering a solution; we’re redefining the possibilities for your automotive enterprise.

Consumer Electronics

Within the rapidly evolving Consumer Electronics realm, North Robotics delivers Hikrobot’s innovative and adaptable robot solutions, streamlining manufacturing processes for Computers, Communication, and Consumer Electronics. Our solutions revolutionize plant-wide material transfer management, empowering it to become unmanned, fully automated, and informationized. This is more than just an upgrade; it’s a step into the future, embracing the power of automation and leading your business into a new era of unprecedented efficiency and control. Discover the true potential of your operations with North Robotics.


In a world where technological innovation and market variability quicken the pace of product evolution, traditional logistics strategies struggle to keep up. North Robotics presents Hikrobot’s intelligent and flexible mobile robot solutions to the manufacturing industry. These are designed to nimbly adapt to demands for rapid and transparent production. We’re here to empower your enterprise, transforming challenges into opportunities, and paving the way for efficient, futuristic manufacturing. With North Robotics, we equip you with tools to turn the relentless pace of change into a powerful ally for your business.


As the e-commerce boom fuels an explosive growth in the logistics industry, the demand for automation solutions that can replace manual work has never been higher. North Robotics’ Hikrobot solutions are poised to cater to these soaring demands, streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and enabling an accelerated throughput. In an era of unprecedented growth, our innovative robotics offer a pathway to a future where your logistics operations keep pace with the relentless demands of e-commerce. With North Robotics, discover an exciting new chapter in the story of your logistics enterprise.


In the high-stakes realm of Food and Pharmaceuticals, where stringent timelines and frequent production shifts are the norm, North Robotics delivers Hikrobot’s efficient and flexible mobile robots. Our solutions are not only designed to meet your dynamic needs, but they also prioritize production safety and compliance. From speeding up processes to adapting to change, our robotics offer a robust response to industry-specific challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth and excellence. Step into a future of uncompromised efficiency, safety, and adaptability with North Robotics.

Experience the transformative power of automation today with North Robotics’ automated warehouse forklift robots – your key to unlocking unprecedented operational efficiency and business growth
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